Entrance Permit Application Form

Applying for an entrance permit

Entrance Specifications

  • Applicant must make sure that drainage from roads or properties close by, is directed away from buildings
  • Town is not responsible for any surface or road drainage onto the subject property
  • Driveway must have 8-10 inches of Pit Run gravel and 3 inches of ¾” crushed “A”- gravel on top, within the Town road allowance
  • Driveway should be a minimum of 14 feet wide
  • Driveway must have a minimal 25’ level approach onto Town roads or streets
  • Ditch must not be filled to gain access to property before culvert is installed
  • The entrance shall be installed at least 10 feet from the neighbouring property lines

For an alternate format of this sketch which explains the culvert installation in detail, please contact us directly at 705-789-1751, opt 5 for roads. 

Maintenance of Entrances

  • Property owners having access to a Town road are fully responsible for the maintenance of the access including the removal of snow and ice and keeping the portion of the access within the right-of-way in a safe condition for vehicular traffic.
  • Each entrance to a Town road must be designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that will prevent surface water from the entrance-way or from the adjoining property being discharged via the entrance onto the travelled portion of the highway.
  • In the event that Town forces are required to perform maintenance to an entranceway, the Town will only replace the surface with gravel or hot mix asphalt, as appropriate. The Town will not install concrete, brick etc. Maintenance activities may include and not limited to, culvert replacement or construction activities on the Town roadway.


The sketch should indicate:

  1. main intersection
  2. neighbours or landmarks
  3. of property on road
  4. distance of property from main intersections