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Pre-consultation Request

Complete this form to request a pre-consultation with Planning Department staff prior to the submission of the application to gain preliminary planning review and direction. Detailed information of the proposed development, lot characteristics, surrounding land uses and natural features are required at the pre-consultation stage. Pre-consultation can improve application processing times.

The Official Plan may be viewed here:

The Town of Huntsville's Zoning information may be found here:


Please ensure that your request contains the following information:

  • Completed request form, including description summarizing the development proposal
  • Conceptual plan. Must include, but not be limited to the proposed and/or existing buildings and structures, lot-lines, natural features, landscaped areas, parking areas, setbacks, servicing, and roads.
  • Fee: $260.00 (Where a pre-consultation fee has been paid, the corresponding application fee will be reduced by the amount of the pre-consultation fee where a complete application for the same proposal is received within three months)
  • New - we now accept online payments
  • Note - you must fill out a separate form, per request
  • Have your credit card ready for payment on page 4

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