Application for Community Planning Permit By-law Amendment

Complete this form to request changes to the precinct of a property in order to amend permitted uses or lot requirements.

Applicants are required to request and complete a pre-consultation with Planning Department Staff to gain preliminary planning review and direction prior to the submission of a Community Planning Permit By-law Amendment Application. If you have not completed a pre-consultation, please do so here

Detailed information of the proposed development, lot characteristics, surrounding land uses and natural features are required at the pre-consultation stage. Delays in processing the application may result if the application is determined to be incomplete and/or inaccurate.

The Official Plan may be viewed here:

The Town of Huntsville's Community Planning Permit information may be found here:


Please ensure that your application contains the following information. Insufficient information will result in the application being returned to you

  • Completed application form, along with attachments
  • Record of pre-consultation
  • Commissioned signatures of Owner and/or Agent
  • Parcel Registry (or Title Abstract) from the Land Registry Office (dated within 14 days of submission of application)
  • Written description under separate attachment summarizing the proposal and planning justification
  • Fee:  $2,228.00
  • A proposed strategy for consulting with the public with respect to the application
  • One (1) copy of applicable drawings. Plans must be to scale and include:
    • The boundaries and dimensions of the lands;
    • The location, size and type of all existing and proposed buildings and structures on the land, indicating their distance from the front lot line, rear lot line and side lot lines;
    • The approximate location of all natural and artificial features (buildings, roads, watercourses, drainage ditches, wooded areas, etc.), that are located on the subject land and on land adjacent to it, and that may affect the application;
    • The current uses of land that is adjacent to the subject land;
    • The location, width and name of any roads within or abutting the subject land, indicating whether it is an unopened road allowance, a public travelled road, a private road or a right-of-way;
    • If access to the subject land will be by water only, the location of the parking and boat docking facilities to be used; and
    • The location and nature of any easement affecting the land.
  • An Authorization & Affidavit or Sworn Declaration. A copy of the Authorization & Affifavit can be found here.

Supplemental information may be requested upon further review of the application.

The undersigned hereby applies to the Corporation of the Town of Huntsville to consider this Community Planning Permit By-law Amendment Application pursuant to Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended and O. Reg. 173/16, as described in this application.

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P.13, as amended, and will be used in processing this application. Questions regarding the collection of this information should be directed to: Manager of Planning, Corporation of the Town of Huntsville, 37 Main Street East, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 1A1, (705) 789-1751 or


The Fee for this application is $2,228.00. Please call the Planning department at 705-789-1751, option to process your payment over the phone. Please have a credit card ready. 

Please note we only accept VISA and MasterCard. 

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